IPI renewable packaging

Renewable packaging

The renewablity of our aseptic carton packaging

Our company is constantly committed to safeguarding the environment and the ecosystem, largely using sustainable materials that come from renewable and certified sources of plant origin. Over the years we have increased the share of materials from renewable sources, thus concretely protecting the environment and providing our customers with safe, convenient and even more sustainable packaging.


On average, more than 70 percent of our packages is made of paperboard, and it provides structure and stability. Deriving from a renewable source, paperboard makes our packages the most sustainable when compared to other packaging solutions.


Paperboard is the main material in IPI aseptic carton bricks
Paper straw in our aseptic carton packaging

Paper Straws

Paper straws are an important step towards an even more environmentally friendly packaging since they come from completely renewable sources. Our paper straws are fully functional and provide an excellent alternative to single-used plastics, making portion packs greener, compared to traditional plastic straws.


Bio-Based Polymers

IPI's aseptic cartons protect milk, juices, water and other beverages and liquid foods in the best possible way - as only long-life bricks can do. Thanks to the use of bio-based polymers, we provide customers and consumers with a packaging from plant-origin source. The bioplastic that we use in our carton bricks and caps are obtained from sugar cane, a renewable raw material.


Bio-based polymers in multilayer packaging structure
IPI renewable roadmap

Towards 100% renewable packaging material

Our goal is to be the first to provide our customers with completely renewable aseptic carton packaging material. Our bricks for milk, juice and other liquid foods widely used every day are up to 90% made from materials from renewable sources. It is an ambitious challenge but a long-life package completely free of fossil-based materials is possible.

Paperboard, sugar cane biopolymers and alternative barrier materials for a sustainable packaging material.


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